Sunday, October 7, 2012

Was Tippi Hedren a Misterogynist and Fatophobe?

The Revenge of Alfred Hitchcock’s Muse. Tippi Hedren Interviewed By ANDREW GOLDMAN

"He was a misogynist. That man was physically so unattractive. I think to have a mind that thought of himself as an attractive, romantic man and then to wake up in the morning and look at that face and that body was tough. I think he had a whole lot of problems."

How terrible. Tippie was a misterogynist, an uglophobe, fatophobe, and baldophobe who judged men on the basis of their looks. She wouldn't have denied Hitchcock love if he was a slim and good-looking. She is still a romantic elitist who thinks good looking women should deserve good looking men. It's like smart men at Harvard wanna marry smart women and vice versa. Despite their so-called egalitarianism, they don't wanna marry low-IQ maids or janitors. Just like Nazis saw Jews as subhuman because they found Jews to be ugly, Hedren denied her love to Hitch because she found him fat and ugly.
This interview is posthumous bullying. Recently, a TV reporter named Jennifer Livingston was bullied by an email suggesting she lose weight. Today, NY Times offers an interview to a misterogynist fatophobe and uglophobe who posthumously bullies HItchcock for his ugliness and fatness.

HItchock fought back and tried to 'ruin' Hedren's career in the name of egalitarian love. She, with her romantic elitism, thought he was not good enough for her. So, he fought back the only way he knew how.

In this age of "marriage equality", what we really need is love equality. Love everyone and don't deny them love just because they are ugly.

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